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2024 Wedding Dress Trends, Perfect For a Small Backyard Wedding

With the conclusion of fashion week and the start of engagement season, the internet is all abuzz about the newest bridal trends for 2024! We’re seeing some incredible pieces this year, and it makes us so excited for all of our soon-to-be brides!

We’ve included a quick roundup of what we saw on the runways and how they might be perfect for your small backyard wedding in 2024.

floral wedding dress trends 2024

Just as fashion trends change every season, so do wedding dress trends. It can be helpful to know what the latest styles and trends are in the bridal industry, so the planning process will be seamless and fun for you.

A beautiful dress is the perfect compliment to a small backyard wedding venue in Texas! So, without further ado, here are some of the best 2024 wedding dress trends:

Best Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

floral wedding dress trends 2024


Bows are going to make a huge appearance in 2024 bridal fashion! Whether on the back of the dress, the shoulders, or as a major statement across the front - they’re coming in all shapes, sizes, and textures.

floral wedding dress trends 2024

Floral Applique

In the last few years, we have seen a slight shift in preference for well-placed appliqués over all-over lace, and that’s going to be especially true in 2024. While all-over lace can feel dated and busy, floral appliqués on a cleaner, lighter fabric are going to be incredibly common. This is a great option for any bride getting married outdoors, especially in that Texas heat!

puff sleeves wedding dress trends 2024

Puff Sleeves

Trends tend to be cyclical, even in the bridal world. And we’re seeing a huge trend revival in puff sleeves in 2024! Don’t worry, it’s not the same puff sleeves of the 80s and 90s - sleeves this year will be sheer, lightweight, and off-the-shoulder, but they’re bringing the volume in a big way.

mini-dress short wedding dress trends 2024

Mini Dresses

In the past couple of years, we have seen a move towards more casual wedding celebrations, and the dresses are starting to reflect that. Lots of designers this year are going to be offering mini dresses. Whether it’s a reception dress you change into after your formal ceremony, or your main dress for a more laid-back, small backyard wedding, these mini dresses are major statements without the length.

Best Places to Buy Affordable & Trendy Wedding Dresses

There are so many places to choose from when it comes to wedding dress shopping, but where do you start when you’re on a budget? Affordable doesn’t mean that it has to look cheap and off-trend. Some of our favorite affordable places to buy trendy wedding dresses are below!

David’s Bridal - David’s Bridal may not sound like the most glamorous place to buy your wedding dress, but they’ve really stepped up their game in recent years! With a huge range of dresses to choose from and good size inclusivity, we highly recommend them for brides looking for an affordable on-trend dress.

BHLDN - BHLDN is the most overall expensive store on our list, but their dresses do start as low as $280! Since they’re owned by Anthropologie they’re always on top of the latest trends and have really high-quality gowns for a good price.

Lulus - Lulus is an awesome option for brides on a budget, especially if you’re looking for a sleek dress. While they don’t offer designer gowns, they have a wide range of trendy dresses that can be delivered right to your door.

ASOS - ASOS has really expanded its bridal offerings over the past few years and we are in love with its current dresses. If you’re excited about the 2024 bow trend, you have to check them out!

2024 Wedding Dress Trends | Shop Online Resources

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding dress shopping can be stressful for brides and it is important that you walk away with the perfect dress for you and one that you will feel beautiful in on your big day. These small tips can help make the process seamless and fun!

1. Be picky about whom you take with you- This may sound slightly silly, but sometimes it can add stress if you take a large number of people with you. Everyone will have opinions about what they like or don’t like. The most important opinion is your own. You want to take people with you who are supportive and will encourage you to choose the dress you love most. Always go with your gut.

2. Know your budget- It is so important to know your budget before you go shopping. You want to be able to tell the sales associate exactly where your price range is. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a dress only to find out the dress is three times your budget. Be upfront from the start so you can try on dresses that you know will work for you.

3. Try on everything- It is easy to think that you know exactly what you are looking for, but it is worth it to be open to trying new styles and colors. You never know what you might fall in love with at the end of the day.

4. Keep your venue in mind- If you are planning a small backyard wedding in Texas then you want to keep in mind the time of year you are getting married. You may want to lean more towards sleeves if it is Fall or Winter, but do a strapless or sleeveless option in warmer weather.

5. Think about your hair and makeup- Another thing to keep in mind is how you are hoping to wear your hair and makeup. If you are planning to do an updo then you can do a fancier neckline, but you may pick a different neckline if you are keeping your hair down.

2024 Wedding Dress Trends Takeaway

We are so excited to welcome our soon-to-be brides in 2024, and we know you are all going to look so beautiful! We know that wedding dress shopping is a huge part of the wedding planning process, and we hope our guide helps you navigate the 2024 wedding dress trends!

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