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Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas For 2024

Need to plan a bachelorette party soon? I know you're searching for some unique and exciting activities that will get the whole group involved and make amazing memories. Plus, not only is this an opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be’s upcoming nuptials, it’s also a great way to honor your strongest friendships during this exciting time in life.

Bachelorette Group Photo, Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas

One of the best things about planning a bachelorette party is that you can customize the itinerary to suit your group's unique interests. We have our own to share, in the mean time. Here are 10 interesting bachelorette party ideas to try in 2024, whether you’re taking a group trip or just celebrating at home.

Check out some of these inspiring bachelorette party itenerary templates.

Our Favorite 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2024

Scavenger Hunt, Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Have a Girl's Scavenger Hunt

A fun scavenger hunt is a great way to spice up your bachelorette party and enjoy a bit of healthy competition. The best thing about this activity is that you can customize it to suit your group, adding in cheeky references to the bride’s life and interests. If you’re visiting a new city for your bachelorette party, you can also use the scavenger hunt as an opportunity to explore your destination. Be sure to have a few cute prizes on hand for the winners!

2. Host a Barbie (or other Pop Culture) Theme Party

Make your bachelorette party the celebration of the year by giving it an of-the-moment theme. Some popular theme options for 2024 include Barbie, Y2K, and Beyonce-inspired disco cowgirl, but you can opt for a theme that best reflects your group’s interests. Decorate your house or rental, encourage everyone to dress to the nines, and put together a themed playlist and menu to bring the party to life. Have disposable cameras on hand to take plenty of pictures!

Cooking Class, Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas

3. Take a Comfy Cooking Class

If you’re looking for a cozy, laid-back bachelorette party idea, try taking a cooking class together. It’s a great way to bond with your friends, and you’ll get to enjoy a delicious meal at the end of the class. If you’re traveling, a cooking class is also a great way to learn more about the local cuisine. Most major cities have their own cooking schools, but you can also search for classes through Airbnb Experiences.

Girls Boat Party, Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas

4. Get Active Together

If your crew is outdoorsy, why not enjoy an adventurous activity for your bachelorette party? There are so many unique options to choose from depending on where you’ll be celebrating - kayaking, pontooning, rock climbing, ziplining, or even camping are all great options. The Olde House happens to sit next to Lake Lavon, where you and the crew can rent jetskis, boats or cruise on a floating restaurant for drinks.

If you opt for a particularly strenuous activity, make sure to check in with your guests ahead of time and ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

5. Enjoy Some Live Music

Taking in a live concert is a great way to make your celebration feel more memorable, particularly if you and your friends are music lovers. There are so many ways to do this - you could go all out with a music festival, explore small local venues, or even dress up for a sophisticated night at the symphony. A karaoke night is also a fun way to bond over music.

Snack Table, Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas

6. Tour the Local Winery, Brewery, or Distillery

Delicious drinks are a staple of any bachelorette party. By taking a tour of your favorite winery, brewery, or distillery, you’ll get a first-hand look at how your favorite beverages are made while socializing with your friends. Many of these establishments also offer delicious food options. The Olde House sits on the downtown strip of Wylie, TX where a popular local winery offers options for girl's nights to keep you entertained for hours.

7. Get Creative with an Art Class

Another fun and easy group activity for your bachelorette party is taking an art class together. Whether it’s pottery, painting, candle making, or something else entirely, making art gives your whole group a chance to show off their creativity and take home a beautiful souvenir as well. To make things even more fun, look for an art class that lets you enjoy your favorite drinks while creating.

8. Tap Into Your Mystical Side with Tarot Readings

If your friend group enjoys the spiritual side of life, consider bringing a bit of magic to your bachelorette party with tarot readings. You can hire a local tarot professional, or take a more informal approach and read each other’s tarot. Astrology-themed activities make a great complement to the tarot readings. Additionally, you can give each guest custom tarot decks as a souvenir.

Theme Party, Murder Mystery, Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas

9. Host a Game Night

Game nights are an engaging and affordable activity that work well for any bachelorette party. There are many different types of games you can incorporate into your celebration - many people enjoy drinking games for bachelorette parties, but there are plenty of other options available if you don’t want to focus on alcohol. Classic board games are a fun and easy option, or you can test your relationship with the bride-to-be with a fun quiz.

Need some murder mystery party or game night ideas? Check out our post about planning the perfect theme party.

10. Host a Co-Ed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

If the bride and groom have a friend group with plenty of overlap, consider having a joint bachelor(ette) party for twice the fun. The biggest advantage of this is that the bride and groom can celebrate together.

Takeaways for Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2024

There are no rules when it comes to planning a great bachelorette party, so focus on the activities that will be the most fun for you and your group of friends. Whether you opt for an ultra-glam destination party or a relaxed night in, using these 10 bachelorette party ideas for 2024 will surely promise you amazing memories with your closest friends.

Are you looking for a place to host your bachelorette party or other wedding celebrations? Look no further than the historic Olde House in Wylie, TX?

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