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Boast Your Southern Roots with these Texas Wedding Tips

Proud of your Texas heritage? That's an easy one. If you're from Texas, then, yes.

The list of fun and meaningful ways to celebrate your Texan heritage on wedding day is so endless, it's almost hard to pick which ones are worth talking about. Almost... I said. Still, we've picked a few of our favorite ideas that are sure to make your Texan guests proud to know you.

So, congrats on winning the geographical lottery and without further ado, here are 7 ideas to get you started in planning your Texas wedding.

7 Great Tips to Show Off Your Southern Roots When Planning your Wedding

1. Everything's Better in Leather

Texas has always been known for its western heritage, and many couples who tie the knot in the Lone Star State choose to incorporate some old western flair into their wedding day. Start your plans off subtly by putting on some good ol' fashioned leather. That's right. Show the boots to show your roots.

Cowboy boots and brown leather belts with big shiny buckles speak volumes up at the altar. Boots under a white wedding dress are the perfect subtle nod to your Texas roots. The groom and best men might even look dashing in some black leather bolo ties and ostrich Luchesses. Remember though, old fashion texas is classic and not overboard. Keep it subtle and timeless on the wardrobe and the crowd (and camera) will love it.

2. Brisket, Beer and Burritos

One of the best parts of living in Texas is the authentic local cuisine. From some juicy smoked pork shoulders to tender brisket to street tacos or enchiladas, there are so many delicious flavors that are unique to our region.

Pay homage to your Texas roots is by including some of these flavors on your wedding menu! You can also offer choices at the wedding bar from local Texas wineries and breweries to show you mean business.

3. Bring the Ranch Inside

We've been to our share of Texas weddings and one of the funnest parts of attending is seeing the clever decor and designs integrated into the planning. Saddles, spurs and lassos are a good way to dress up tables, dessert bars, aisles or the altar. A rustic venue may even already have some coral doors or horseshoe hangers sprinkled around to work from.

But don't stop there. We've seen planners and vendors get pretty creative. Shotgun shells on the groom's cake, anyone?

4. Bluebonnet Bouquets

Our state flower is the bluebonnet, which can be a beautiful addition to your wedding bouquet. After all, Texans do take annual bluebonnet pictures every year for a reason.

These delicate bell-shaped blooms add a subtle blue hue that's perfect for spring weddings. Bluebonnets are hardy flowers, too, so you won't have to worry about them wilting out in the Texas heat!

5. Beer Mules

A newer wedding trend we are seeing is the use of Beer Mules who attend weddings and carry beverages to your guests. While these can be found all around the country, mules are historically important to ranchers around Texas and can be an incredible nod to your Texas roots! Plus, your guests won't have to walk as far to get to the good stuff. If you have some flexibility at the venue, don't forget this unique addition to your big day.

6. Bring Willie and Waylon Along

Is there anything more iconically Texan than a little Honky-Tonk? If you want to give your guests a taste of the Lone Star State, hiring a local country band is the way to do it! It's easy listening, danceable and a nod to your roots. Just make sure they have some classics on the playlist. Here are few we love to hear:

  • Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis

  • When you Say Nothing at All - Keith Whitley

  • I Cross my Heart - George Strait

  • She's In Love with the Boy - Trisha Yearwood

  • Remember When - Alan Jackson

Keep your guests on their feet all night and enjoy an unforgettable first dance by incorporating your love of Texas music into your big day.

7. Ride the Bull

What's a good synonym for "no-brainer"? Trust me, if you want to have some hilarious moments to remember from your wedding and give guests a unique experience by adding a mechanical bull. Rent it, set it up and keep guests entertained all night.

Celebrate your Southern Roots at your Texas Wedding Takeaways

As Ross Perot so wisely put, "Texas born. Texas-bred. When I die I'll be Texas-Dead.". As Texans, we will always be proud of our heritage and that doesn't stop on wedding day! Try some of these ideas to show you were born, raised and finally married in the Lone Star State.

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