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The Best 2022 Wedding Trends - Colors, Themes, Dresses, and More!

Fall 2022 wedding planning season is in full swing and couples have more choices than ever before, across the board! Thus, it’s time to check out the hottest wedding trends of the year and see which ones speak the loudest to you and your personal style. We’re dishing out everything we know about top colors, themes, wedding hairstyles and more to help you stay ahead of the best 2022 wedding trends.

2022 Wedding Trends | Small Backyard Wedding Venues |

If you’re newly engaged and knee-deep in saving your Fall 2022 wedding trends as you plan your big day, don’t skip this list of best ideas.

So, What are the Best Wedding Trends for 2022?

2022 Wedding Dress Trends

Up first is the most anticipated part of the process - the wedding dress. In 2022, wedding dress designs have taken a magical turn. Here are some stunning trends you’re going to see.

2022 Wedding Trends | Small Backyard Wedding Venues |

Corset Bodices

The corset bodice. From lingerie detailing to slip silhouettes, boudoir fashion has become a new classic! Exposed boning in the bodice is all the rage this season. It’s sultry but understated. It’s classy and ultra-feminine. In other words, it’s hot! Not to mention, the structure and overlay are quite flattering on many body shapes. It's also simple to wear and style in any season of the year!

Backless Wedding Dresses

This classic is sticking around. In 2022, expect the backless wedding gown as a favorite. There’s nothing like a gorgeous low-back wedding gown or statement illusion detailing.

Square Neckline Dresses

Another classic is reigning supreme this year. The square neckline is a 90s throwback that’s a little sweet, a little seductive, and all-around classy. It is especially stunning on a minimalist silhouette.

High Neckline Dresses

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? This is the modern take on a classic bridal look, exposing less on the neck. The full coverage is an exquisite blend of romantic and seductive. By leaving a little more to the imagination, you’ll leave your guests talking about it in a good way!

2022 Wedding Colors & Themes

2022 Wedding Trends | Small Backyard Wedding Venues |

Fall is a romantic time to get married because it’s when nature really starts to turn colorful and vibrant from its spring bloom to an explosion of warm colors. Your wedding colors should be warm and inviting as the season’s natural colors. One of your first duties, upon preparation, will be to choose your wedding color palette. Ten new color palettes mark this year’s style and are precisely what you need to give your soirée a fresh look.

Greens and blues will be the most dominant colors in 2022 weddings. However, both beautifully romantic tones will be used in different shades and hues and paired with everything from taupes to shades of pink and blush, mauves, and yellows. Here are some color palette combinations you should check out.

  • Green & Mauve

  • Neutral Greenery

  • Light Blue & Green

  • Sage Green & Pink

  • Sage Green & Blush

  • Sea Greens

  • Dusty Blue & Yellow

  • Lavender & Grey

  • Green & Navy

2022 Ceremony Trends

2022 Wedding Trends | Small Backyard Wedding Venues |

Ceremonies can be simple or detailed, depending on your personality and preference for the big day. While the foundation of the wedding ceremony has remained relatively traditional, the structure, location, and novelties can come and go. Here’s what you can expect to see in 2022 wedding ceremonies.

Shrinking the Guest Lists

Small venues are the rage right now. Why? Well, if the arrival of a global pandemic taught us anything, it’s that less can be much more. Sizing down your guest count to those you hold closest can not only allow for a more intimate affair, but also be really friendly to your wallet and open up opportunities in the budget that were otherwise impossible.

Picking Outdoor Venues

Outdoor wedding ceremony settings will become even more popular in 2022. They’re an excellent setting for your “I Do’s” as Mother Nature provides a beautiful backdrop and you’ll have more room for social distancing. Not to mention fresh air and a natural sun lit ambience.

Bringing Interactive Entertainment

We’re seeing many couples choosing live entertainment in the form of string quartets, live bands, violinists, and harpists, to name a few. And they are segmenting their event to have different parts of the day feature another type of live entertainment. Maybe a harpist for the ceremony and string quartet for the cocktail hour.

2022 Wedding Hair Trends

2022 Wedding Trends | Small Backyard Wedding Venues |

Wedding hairstyles are constantly evolving, and 2022 is no different. Whether you're planning a large celebration, an intimate elopement, a micro-wedding, or a mini-mony, you'll want to look and feel like your most beautiful self on this magical day.

Textured Bridal Bun

Loose curls meet textured updos and Chignons for a totally romantic look. Enough said.

Adding Some Bling

Your wedding ring isn’t the only thing that should shine on wedding day. Adding hair combs, headbands, pins, and tiaras that sparkle like diamonds can really add a little pop to a simple, elegant look. They’re also all the rage this year!

Wide Brim Hats & Boho Braids

Yep! The bridal wide rim hat and boho braids are here to stay in 2022. What a fun wedding hair accessory.

All-Natural Style

The pandemic had many people staying away from hair salons and finding ways to tame their natural locks, which consequently has created a trend wave in the wedding fashion world. The simple, natural wedding hairstyles will be a popular go-to for it’s easy maintainability.

Bubble Braids

Tik Tok has brought a lot of focus on new, interesting hairstyles. One of which is the bubble braids. These have taken over runways, social media, and weddings like wild fire. This entertaining trend is ideal for any bride-to-be searching for a one-of-a-kind wedding day hairstyle. They're both whimsical and elegant, and they're pretty simple to make.

Best Wedding Trends of 2022 Takeaway

Whether you have an intimate ceremony at an Airbnb wedding venue, a small backyard wedding or a grand, luxury affair, these trends are being seen across America in 2022. Find a theme that fits your personality, a dress that speaks to your soul, flowers and decor that take your breath away and a hairstyle to tie it all together. What do you get? The most magical day of your life! Just remember to be true to your soul and what you love. Your wedding day should feel natural to you and headache-free. Follow your heart, and you’ll love your wedding day choices 20 years from now, when you look back.

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