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Why Tie the Knot at a Historic Wedding Venue

Your wedding day has been on your mind all of your life. It's a day that will leave your closest friends and family with fond memories about the youthful love of you and your life partner.

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Now that you've found that special someone, all you need is that special historic wedding venue to match. Take it from the experts, a historic venue makes all the difference. You can create more with less and create an experience that's timeless and romantic, rather than modern and trendy.

Better yet, it can be so much more affordable. We say consider a historic wedding. Here's why.

Historic is Timeless

Historic Venue | Gazebo | Outdoor Wedding | Airbnb Wedding | Texas Wedding Venue | Airbnb Wedding Venue

Imagine there's a magical way to host your big day that encapsulates all your desires in one small package and doesn't cost a fortune. You may not know what to call it, so I'll help. The phrase is ‘period wedding'.

When you choose a Texas historic wedding venue as your back drop, you’re changing the rules… in a good way. You're forgetting about today's trends and going with the tried and true. That means less stressing over the "hot" doo-dads and ceremonial extras that feel necessary decorating a modern venue (which can also be a problem these days with supply chain issues, etc. Thanks 2021!).

A historic venue's timeless taste shines through its simplicity, which is refreshing. Consider the tasteful, elegant style of the Gatsby days that have left us talking about it for a century now. We want your ceremony to do that, as well.

Trends change. If you’ve seen a wedding photo from the 80’s, you recall smelling the bride’s hairspray straight through the photograph. A shot from the classic times, however, can give you butterflies (Audrey Hepburn, anyone?). Ask yourself if going modern will stand the test of time or if you'd be better suited to stick with the tried and true.

The Styles, Fabric and Colors of the '20s are Everything!

They just simply don't make buildings like they used to. For us, that's an opportunity!

Finding a Texas historic wedding venue a century or so of history can allow you to experience the culmination of your epic love story in a whole new way. Think of the era-appropriate crystal chandeliers, gold railings, marble floors, stone statues, and endless white roses by the candlelight and ivy.

Oftentimes, venue owners will restore these properties with authentic accents from the original era. I'm talking about the real nuggets from the early 1900s:

  • Vintage armoires

  • Shiplap walls

  • Gatsby style wallpapers

  • Grand pianos

  • Original pine wood flooring

  • Flavors of velvet furniture.

  • Clawfoot tubs

  • Antique gazebos

  • Ivy Walls

  • Stone statues

Their years of effort and design will take a huge load of your preparation requirements and offer many options for photos and cocktail hour backdrops.

Just bring a great photographer, and you’ve got yourself a wedding photo album to die for. Speaking of which...

Take it to Instagram, Ma'am

Historic Venue | Gazebo | Outdoor Wedding | Airbnb Wedding | Texas Wedding Venue | Airbnb Wedding Venue

Imagine all the gorgeous posts. Your guests will be drooling over the various backdrops they have for their own selfies and family shots, with a little help from the old days. You'll be stumbling across untagged behind-the-scenes photos from your big day for years to come.

Offer your guests a picture-perfect setting with special flavors of cream floral wallpapers, stone columns, warm shiplap woods, varnished pine columns, crystal chandeliers, color-of-money furniture, or a vintage gazebo covered in roses with icicle lights overhead and it will pay dividends. Older properties offer lots of variety that makes for epic backdrops on the IG feed.

History has stood the test of time and your feed should, too. A timeless Texas historic wedding venue will not only save you money versus the all-inclusive luxury resort, but also give you the foundation you need to build the perfect day.

Get Relaxed with the Snacks

Historic Venue | Gazebo | Outdoor Wedding | Airbnb Wedding | Texas Wedding Venue | Airbnb Wedding Venue

Forget in-house catering services. This is where many venues try to add-on their own required menu to turn a bigger profit. Rather, consider a historic wedding venue that's just that - a venue. No extra required services to stack up your bill. That means your wedding vendors are booked by you, which means… more flexibility, more control, and more savings. A win-win-win.

For lunch, call Uncle Jack and have him whip up some of his famous brisket and ribs. Hire your co-workers side food truck business to serve some egg-white omelettes and grits for a few hours. Or, have your local winery bring by a few bottles from their own vineyard and serve them cold. Now you're having fun and making something special. You don’t want to be forced to pay more for less. Focus on booking the right, historic venue that's just good at being a venue and get creative with planning the rest.

The Takeaways

The takeaway is this. Your wedding is a snapshot of your own story in life. Don't let it be dictated by a modern fly-by-night trend or a venue's built in requirements. Bring in some rich history and creativity into your big day and you'll guarantee an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Interested in hosting your wedding at a Texas historic wedding venue like Olde House? We’d love to be a part of your big day. Book now

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