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5 Gen Z Wedding Trends We’re Loving & Using

As we enter into a new year, it's the perfect time to reflect on wedding trends that are dominating the industry vs. traditions that are here to stay. Gen Z has officially entered the wedding space, which means we’re starting to see some new trends emerge. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot to love about Gen Z weddings!

Gen Z Wedding Trends | Sustainability | Theme Weddings | Airbnb Weddings

Whether you’re planning your own wedding for 2024 or you just want to keep up with the times, here’s what we’re seeing from Gen Z weddings as planning begins for the upcoming year.

These Gen Z Wedding Trends are Making Waves in 2024

Gen Z Wedding Trends | Sustainability | Theme Weddings | Airbnb Weddings

1. Unconventional Venues

First, couples are switching it up when it comes to their venue for the big day. Traditional venues like church auditoriums, hotel ballrooms, and country clubs have previously dominating the space, but Gen Z, taking the torch from millennial weddings are opting for more unique options, setting their big day somewhere that reflects their personalities or interests. We’ve seen it all—industrial warehouses, botanical gardens, Airbnb backyard weddings, bar rooftops, restaurants, and more.


Thanks to this growing trend, wedding ceremonies are becoming especially tailored to the specific couple being celebrated. Creating special, unique photo opportunities is marking a new era in the wedding industry.

Gen Z Wedding Trends | Sustainability | Theme Weddings | Airbnb Weddings

2. Documentary Photography Styles

Wedding photography has taken a significant turn recently. The day of staged and posed pictures are behind us, and a more authentic “documentary” or candid style has arrived.


Documentary photography focuses on capturing the day as it unfolds naturally, with all the spontaneous moments and genuine emotions that come up along the way. It’s less about setting up specific shots and more about having a photographer ready to snap whatever comes up. (As a bonus, approaching photos this way often cuts down on the time that has to be allocated just for photos.)


The result is a photo reel that feels fun, vibrant and real. Documentary-style photographers often capture laughter, tears, unexpected dance-offs, little moments between loved ones, and everything in between. Instead of the photographer feeling like the day’s director, they get to blend into the background and observe the celebration.

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Gen Z Wedding Trends | Sustainability | Theme Weddings | Airbnb Weddings

3. Sustainable Choices

It’s no surprise that weddings for younger couples have a focus on sustainability. Eco-friendly "everything" has been on the rise throughout their lives and weddings are no exception. Gen Z couples are making conscious decisions to reduce the environmental impact of their big day.


This trend includes everything from digital invitations to reduce paper waste to locally-sourced organic catering to biodegradable decor. Even wedding attire is getting a sustainable makeover, with vintage gowns and ethically-sourced fabrics gaining popularity.


These choices reflect the younger generation's general concern for the planet, making the celebration not just beautiful but also responsible.

4. Wedding Themes

As far as Gen Z is concerned, every great wedding needs a theme. Theming has become a central aspect of recent weddings, with couples focused on creating an experience that resonates with their shared interests and passions.


You’ve probably seen one trend filling up your social feed lately: the disco wedding. Other top contenders include rustic weddings, vintage weddings, boho chic weddings, and pop culture themes like Harry Potter weddings and Star Wars weddings.


Depending on the couple, these themes can influence everything from the decor and attire to the music and menu, offering a unique and personalized touch to the celebrations. It’s about creating a day that's not just memorable for the couple but also unique and enjoyable for the guests.

Gen Z Wedding Trends | Sustainability | Theme Weddings | Airbnb WeddingsGen Z Wedding Trends | Sustainability | Theme Weddings | Airbnb Weddings

5. Changing Traditions

The key factor to Gen Z weddings is a disruption to the norm or traditional wedding planning we've seen throughout the years.


Lots of young couples are cutting long-standing traditions they don’t want to honor. Among the traditions that are cut most often: the bouquet and garter toss, family-only speeches, white wedding dresses, and the superstition of brides and grooms getting ready separately on the big day.

Is there room to mix and match between traditional and new. Sure! But we do love to see the fresh eyes on an age-old industry. Some of these ideas may be the traditions of the future, after all.

If you want to do your wedding the Gen Z way, take some time to think about what you really want to include in your wedding day, and ignore the traditional approach altogether. 


Plan Your Wedding with Some of These Gen Z Wedding Trends

Each new generation is going to put their own spin on wedding day, especially with so many influences coming from across the world right into your palm. Gen Z is no exception. These upcoming wedding trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!


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