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Timeless Wedding Unity Rituals we Love

Planning a wedding is one of the most special times in your entire life. Outside of your wedding vows, incorporating your own unity rituals can be one of the most sentimental and emotional parts of your special day.

A wedding ceremony unity ritual is a way to symbolize the new life that you are about to begin together as spouses and is a beautiful way to incorporate something personal into your ceremony.

wedding unity rituals ideas 2023

You may already have a unity ritual in mind, or you might be looking for ideas on how to make your wedding day even more special for you and your spouse. Either way, these are our favorite wedding unity rituals that are sure to melt your heart and provide you with great ideas for your big day.

wedding unity rituals ideas candles

Unity Candle

A unity candle is a traditional unity ritual and is a beautiful way to symbolize the life you are about to begin together.

This ritual involves two smaller candles that are held by each spouse and then a larger candle is lit together using the two smaller candles. The larger candle being lit symbolizes the joining of two people and it can also symbolize the joining of two families.

Passing The Rope

Passing a rope is a unique unity ritual, but still just as symbolic and meaningful. It involves a small piece of rope in three pieces that are tied in a knot at the top. The rope will be passed around to each person that is in attendance at the ceremony.

Once each person has held the rope it will be given back to the couple to braid the three pieces together. This symbolizes their union with each other and with God if they are religious.

It is a wonderful way to have your guests involved in the ceremony as well as the unity ritual.

wedding unity rituals ideas sand mix

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is another wedding ritual that many couples choose to do. This involves each person pouring a small container of sand into a larger container together.

Typically, the sand is in two different colors and then blends together in the large container to symbolize the union of two people becoming one.

This type of unity ritual can be made even more special if you want to bring sand from either your favorite beach or your hometown.

Lasso Ceremony

The lasso ceremony is common in Mexican, Filipino, or Spanish culture and is a fun way to celebrate your union.

After the couple has recited their vows the pastor or a family member will drape two linked rosaries or a long floral garland across the couple’s shoulders in the form of a figure eight to symbolize the union.

The couple will wear the lasso until the end of the ceremony when the person who placed it on the couple will remove it and give it to the bride as a reminder of the union.

wedding unity rituals ideas tree planting

Plant A Tree

For couples who want to have a wedding unity ritual that will last many years planting a tree can be a unique wedding ritual that allows couples to celebrate their union in a different way.

A sapling represents growth, which is something most married couples will go through a lot of! The couple can take soil from two separate containers and pour it on top of the sapling after planting to symbolize their union.

Planting a tree as your unity ritual allows you and your spouse to go back and visit that same spot and remember your beautiful day.

wedding unity rituals ideas passing rings

Pass Your Rings

If you want to give your guests the opportunity to bless your marriage, you can pass your rings around to each attendee. One ring can go down one side of the aisle and the other can go down the opposite side. This will give your guests a chance to hold a ring and give their best wishes for your marriage.

Your rings are already a symbol of your union so you can make the rings more sentimental with this unity ritual.

Wedding Unity Rituals Takeaway

Regardless of which wedding ritual route you choose to take, you will want to choose something that feels meaningful and special to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Whether you choose to go the traditional route or want something more unique, your unity ritual will be a beautiful symbol of the new life you are about to start together and something you will remember forever.

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