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15 Fall Wedding Planning Ideas | Treats, Gifts, Decor & More in 2024

Autumn. Perhaps the most magical time of year for celebrations, events, photographs... basically everything. With the changing leaves and cooler temperatures, Fall makes for a particularly elegant wedding celebration.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding


If you’re getting married in the Fall, consider incorporating some seasonal elements into your wedding to give it an extra special touch. Here are some of our favorite Fall wedding planning ideas for 2024.

Check out 15 Great Fall Wedding Planning Ideas to Spruce Up your Big Day this Autumn Season

1. Use fall foliage in your centerpieces and bouquets.

One of the biggest benefits of planning for a Fall wedding is that you can use seasonal foliage in your floral arrangements. Don’t be afraid to get creative with leaves, grass, and fiery orange and red hues. Many fall wedding flower arrangements combine seasonal foliage with more traditional blooms like roses for a look that’s truly eye-catching.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

2. Incorporate fall flavors into your drink menu.

There are so many fun ways to incorporate autumnal flavors into both your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Options like apple cider, hot toddies, mulled wine, or a classic whiskey sour all fit the season perfectly.

3. Line the aisle with gourds, hay bales, or pinecones.

Immediately set the mood for your ceremony by lining the aisle with seasonal decor. Gourds, hay bales, and pinecones are all great options because they are eye-catching and come in a variety of sizes. Accent these pieces by placing some Fall leaves near the aisle. Some of the best leaves for fall colors come from oaks, maples, and sassafras trees. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your fall arrangements. aisle.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

4. Celebrate with a fall-appropriate dessert.

Many people love to indulge in a sweet treat or two during the fall season, so make sure there are some seasonal desserts on your menu. Some fun options include pumpkin or apple pie, carrot cake, or a maple chocolate cake.

Need some gluten-free options for the big day? Here's our favorite list of GF desserts and appetizers.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

5. Provide scarves or blankets for your guests.

Fall weather is some of the most beautiful you’ll experience all year, but it can also get chilly in the evenings. One of our favorite fall wedding ideas for 2024 is to provide scarves or blankets as a wedding favor. We love these pashmina shawls from Etsy in burnt orange, red, or gold.Guests can use them to stay warm during an outdoor ceremony.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

6. Add some spooky touches to your decor.

If you’re getting married around Halloween and want to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding, why not add some spooky elements to your decor? Think spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and candelabras.

7. Add touches of red, orange, and dark purple to your invitations and place cards.

One of the joys of hosting a fall colored wedding is planning your stationary. Bold, romantic hues like red, orange, and purple look stunning on save-the-dates, invitations, place settings, and thank-you notes. If you want to add even more drama to the design, consider adding pops of gold to your invitations as well.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

8. Opt for moody lighting with candles or string lights.

Set a cozy tone for your wedding with candles and string lights rather than overhead lighting. The soft, hazy glow will pair perfectly with a Fall wedding in 2023. If you’re worried about candles as a fire hazard, use tea lights designed to mimic the appearance of candles.

9. Have your bridal party wear velvet.

There’s something about velvet that’s synonymous with Fall fashion. You can opt to have bridesmaids in velvet dresses or even have your groomsmen in velvet suit coats. For a more eclectic look, have your bridal party mix and match velvet outfits in different Fall colors.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

10. Create a pampas grass (or other Autumn grass) arch.

Pampas grass pairs well with Fall foliage and comes in many different colors. To add a touch of natural beauty to your ceremony, create an arch with pampas grass, using colors that match the rest of your color palette. After the ceremony is over, it makes a beautiful backdrop for your guests to take photos.

11. Set up outdoor tents or igloos.

If your Fall wedding is going to be mostly outdoors, make sure that your guests have somewhere to warm up. Strategically placing tents or igloos around your reception area is a great way to do this. Some venues with outdoor spaces offer igloo rentals, or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can opt to build a DIY version. Not only will this help keep your guests warm, but it also gives them a place to sit down and socialize in smaller groups in between dances.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

12. Enjoy a woodsy engagement photo shoot.

You can use your engagement photos to set the tone of the wedding before it happens. If you live near a wooded area, consider taking your pictures there to get a nice backdrop that matches your theme. You can then use the pictures for your save-the-dates.

Need some other ideas for your wedding photography plans. Here's what we suggest.

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

13. Have a bonfire sendoff.

Bonfires are popular Fall tradition, so why not incorporate them into your wedding? An outdoor bonfire makes for the perfect honeymoon send-off at the end of your reception.

14. Set the mood with autumnal scents.

A light autumnal scent is the perfect way to set the mood if you’re having an indoor wedding celebration. Consider using a few candles or incense burners with popular fall scents like pumpkin, pine, sandalwood, or campfire.

15. Have your guests sign a pumpkin.

Before everyone leaves, have all of your guests sign their names on a pumpkin as a cute addition to your guest book. You can use a real pumpkin or opt for a fake one if you want to preserve it forever.

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