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5 Ways to Have a Dream, Low-Budget Wedding at an AirBNB Wedding Venue

Use an Airbnb for wedding venue? You heard right. You can have your dream wedding on a budget. All the awesome. None of the debt. Now, if you're like most newly engaged, you're wanting to know how to get married at an Airbnb. Here's how to host a cheap wedding that looks amazing:

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Tips for a Dream, Low-Budget Wedding? Use an Airbnb for Wedding Venue

1) Say "I do" Somewhere New

The majority of your wedding budget will go towards the venue. Partially because of all the required add-ons that popular locations include in their packages. That's why Airbnb wedding venues are at the top of couple's wish lists now-a-days.

Choosing a wedding venue should be about one thing. Perfect memories. That means you should consider something with a unique flair, rather than the traditional luxury chapel or beach resort with all the commercialized bells and whistles.

Learn More: The average wedding in the U.S. today costs almost $20,300 (price varying based on your geographic location)? Yeah... My jaw dropped too. A wedding in Manhattan can run over $90,000, but only about $16,000 in Idaho, and here in Texas, about $20,000.

These days, why pay $10,000 for a wedding venue that, frankly, isn't going to stand out, because it looks like every other white wedding? There are better options. Consider something not traditionally used for a ceremony such as an Airbnb for wedding venue. For example, the Olde House in Wylie, TX, offers a romantic, historical backdrop with the timeless romance of a 1920s Hollywood film. Your guests are sure to love this historic Texas Airbnb wedding venue.

2) Don't Let the Venue Pick the Menu

Small backyard wedding | Texas wedding venue | airbnb wedding venue | Newly-Wed Couple | low-budget backyard wedding

Grub. Sorry brides, but for men, this will possibly be the most talked-about topic afterward. You'll end up forking out big bucks on food and beverage if you're not careful. So, knowing how to save dollars without sacrificing quality in this area is vital. In the United States, the average cost per person for a wedding is $40 for a plated meal and $27 for a buffet. The price of adding an open bar typically runs $15 per person. Ouch!

A great way to have a dream, low-budget wedding is to hire a local food truck or have a relative stir up a large batch of their famous dish. On average, wedding food trucks will cost $10 - $35 per person and include convenient to-go boxes, clean-up, and custom plates. And, of course, if Uncle Jack whips up his best BBQ, not only does that cost get lower, but your guests' mouths will be watering into next week. Sometimes we forget the power of our close-knit circle.

The disadvantage of choosing a wedding venue that offers food and beverage as part of their in-house package is that you may not be able to bring in any outside vendors, which means less control and a bigger bill at the end. Choosing an Airbnb wedding venue can be the perfect solution to this problem. You get the beautiful, themed decorations with a comfortable stay for your guests without being forced to choose their food.

3) Scratch your 3rd Cousin

Many costs are on a per-guest basis. Therefore, it's no secret that the more guests you invite, the more your wedding will cost you. More invitations, more food, more beverages, more decor, more seating, you get the idea… It's more dinero!

Family members you haven't spoken to or seen in years can be excluded. Co-workers don't need invites. If you're so inclined, you can even limit (or eliminate) plus ones and children to your closest in the group. Remember, your wedding at an Airbnb is about sharing your love story and journey with the people you love the most. You want to create a life-long memory. It's not about putting you in the red before you even put on the white.

Be smart about your invites, and you can stretch your dollars out in other areas!

4) Cut Back on the Tracks

Small backyard wedding | Texas wedding venue | airbnb wedding venue | Newly-Wed Couple | low-budget backyard wedding

Music will be the heartbeat of your most important day. You should have the soundtrack of your dreams going from morning to night. But, when it comes to the ceremony, we can find ourselves tempted to bring in the hottest up-and-coming DJ. Guess what? This can set you back a chunk.

Now, maybe it's worth it if you're in the scene or just a lover of music. However, you don't have to spend too much on hiring a live act. Consider renting a small sound system instead and bringing a Bluetooth speaker. You can ask a dedicated friend to control your playlist from your favorite music app like Pandora. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at what a friend comes up with for your big day tunes.

5) Flowers for Hours

Details and florals can quickly run up the tab but are often necessary if you go with a blank canvas wedding venue. This is another reason to find a location (i.e., Airbnb for wedding reception) with rich flavor and attention to cosmetic detail in their architecture and design. You can welcome lots of romantic, photo-op moments and leave guests talking in the hallways. All of this is possible without purchasing all of your expensive decorations and arrangements.

Small backyard wedding | Texas wedding venue | airbnb wedding venue | Newly-Wed Couple | low-budget backyard wedding

The more built-in flavor you find in a venue, the less expensive it is. This can come in wallpapers, chandeliers, pine trims, marble tiles, greek columns, ivy walls, you name it! Generations of history steeped into the walls of your venue can guarantee a wedding that is magical for everyone, and they'll never know you saved big!

Airbnb for Wedding Venue Takeaway

The venue is undoubtedly one of the most costly aspects of a wedding and you should budget accordingly. However, by choosing a wedding venue Airbnb with lots of built-in wedding amenities such as Olde House in Wylie, Texas, you get to save money while still having your beautiful, dream, low-budget small backyard wedding.

Set yourself up for something truly unforgettable by letting the magic of your wedding venue, your guest list, and your creativity make your low-budget small backyard wedding look anything but low-budget.

Interested in hosting your dream, low-budget backyard wedding at a wedding venue Airbnb? Reach out to Olde House. We’d love to be a part of your big day. Book now

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