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Tips for Timeless Wedding Day Hair & Make-Up

Face it! Getting dolled up for your wedding will be a flurry of madness and a desire for perfection. And if you’re like most brides, you may bring a professional hair & make-up artist to take control of your look on the big day. Nothing wrong with that!

Remember, though. That trendy hair style you saw on instagram last week doesn’t have to be your go-to on your big day. Follow these steps to take control of your final wedding look on your Texas wedding day!

Best Tips for Styling Wedding Hair & Make-up at your Small Backyard Wedding in 2022

Practice styling in your spare time.

Regardless of your prowess with beauty routines, you look at your own face more than any other person and therefore, you know what works. You've styled your hair enough to know how to keep the bounce and shine in your hair better than anyone else is going to.

Pick some random days to practice styling a simple, elegant 'do to fine tune your best look. Take note of compliments or suggestions. Once you’ve found a few favorites, do a dress rehearsal with your girls, with a full hair and makeup routine and even getting some trial photographs on your iPhone to see which style looks most natural on you.

Suppose you are experimenting with highlights or sprays. Try them out for a month or two before the wedding on random occasions. Many products do not mix well or don’t have a long wear life and can wear off.

A good rehearsal tip for your Texas wedding is to use any white fabric as a drape-over to see your makeup contrast against white.

Warm Neutrals Win this Year

These days, you may have heard that a near no-makeup look is the most flattering style for a bride. And we say… maybe. But done right, a little make-up can give you the glow you’ve always dreamed of.

Warm colors on the eyes contrast beautifully with different shades of white as they make the eyes appear larger and brighter. Use warm neutral browns and bronzes, or go with peach and pink tones on the eyes for an ethereal bridal look. Glowy, illuminated skin suits every bride, along with a rosebud-colored lipstick.

If you’re opting for a more glamorous old Hollywood vibe, as would suit the occasion for a wedding at an Olde 1920s historic venue, a blue-ish red lipstick with gold eyeshadow may suit you well.

The trick is all in the blending! The more you blend, the better the look. Grab a sponge or brush and practice blending, or even use your fingertips for cream blushers and eyeshadows.

Learn to layer like an expert. It increases longevity and looks amazing. Apply each makeup product, including concealer, in thin, well-blended layers. Apply water and silicone-based products first, then liquids and creams, and finally powder products as a finishing layer. This applies especially to eyeshadow, blush, and contouring, as building them up in cream before using powder helps them last longer and photograph better.

Be Mindful of your Make-Up Selections

Style aside, consider other important factors when choosing the make-up for your wedding day. Are you having a daytime ceremony? If so, what level of SPF will suffice? Will it be in Winter or Summer? Does it moisturize my skin or make it look dry and dull? What is your skin type?

You’ve experimented before. What are your ride and die products? Do you have unique concerns like acne or eczema that you need specialized products or primers for? Spend some time carefully considering your precise needs so you can show up and shine, when it’s time!

Go with a Classic, Timeless Hairstyle for your Wedding

Repeat after me. Hair is everything.

Start with this. Ask yourself a few key questions that only you would know about your texture and face shape. Do I typically like my hair up or down? What products do I know are most manageable and add shine and bounce? Does my desired hairstyle go with my makeup and dress?

Elaborating on a much-loved casual hairstyle could be your most dazzling choice. Nowadays, we recommend wedding hair lean towards simple, loose wedding buns with a few wildflowers thrown in or a rustic flower crown. Why? Because it’s timeless and beautiful.

A half-up, half-down updo with minimal interventions and a casual wave can be just the right touch, too. You also need to consider whether or not extensions are something you want to splurge on, if you’re going for something elaborate.

Next time you are doing a formal hairstyle by yourself, remember you do not need 4-5 products to achieve your look. I’m sure you have every styling product available on your counter. Pause and re-evaluate. Most hairstyles can be achieved with a single good quality flat iron or even a blow dryer, some bobby pins and plain old hair spray. That’s it! Especially for a timeless, historic wedding. Grandma created that exquisite style back in the day and it still works today!

Unfortunately, when we get caught up in modern marketing, we sometimes overspend and overload our hair with products causing it to look limp and dull. More is less and less is more when it comes to hair.

Finally, don’t underestimate the effect a single statement piece can have, like a gorgeous barrette or a well-made fishtail braid embellished with flowers. But be cautious and don't overdo the wrong idea. Pull some ideas from the old days. Browse some old magazines or black and white movies for an idea on the perfect accent piece.

Consider a Veil

If you're going to veil, we applaud you. Veils are a stunning part of wedding attire, but they’re not for everyone. If you decide to wear a veil on your big day, allow it to factor into how you perceive your wedding hairstyle.

You will need to make a more structured hairstyle that can take a bit of extra weight and still stay in place and look fantastic for the camera. The veil can also be embellished with flowers and gems, so practice well before the big day, so it is second nature to you when you sit down to get ready.

Timeless Hair & Make-up Takeaways

Planning a wedding in Texas doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Remove a lot of the moving parts that others worry about from the “Yes” to the “I do” by brushing up on your skills (there I go with the puns again).

Today, more than ever, there are lots of options to keep you costs down and have an fantastic but inexpensive wedding. If you feel comfortable enough to do your hair and makeup, that's one way you can save some dough and glow.

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