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11 Must Haves for Your Emergency Wedding Day Kit

It's a live event. Things are going to change on a whim and leave you scrambling for ideas in the moment. Relax and take it from a pro! This is normal.

Emergency Wedding Kit | Make-Up | Brushes | Cosmetics

But when you’re the bride, you want flukes to be the last thing on your mind. Why do you think roadies carry a giant toolbox around from show to show? Experience.

Rain is usually the first uncontrollable concern. But keep in mind, minor emergencies can pop up, too, and wreak last-minute havoc. A wedding day emergency kit can rescue you from all sorts of issues, whether it's a fashion mishap, beauty blunder, and anything else.

While you could purchase a bare essentials kit online, we recommend you customize your wedding day emergency kit to ensure you have what "you" need. Here are some items that you should definitely include in your kit.

Emergency Wedding Kit | Bandaids | Shoes

How to Build an Emergency Wedding Day Kit and What to Consider

1. Band-Aids

It’s almost guaranteed that bandaids will be needed on your wedding day. They are often necessary because of new shoes that haven’t been broken in, but they can also come in handy if someone gets a tiny knick or cut. Especially, if the family has lots of young'ns running around.

2. Double-Stick Fashion Tape

Every fashion stylist's emergency kit has double-sided fashion tape, and you should too. In addition to securing your wedding gown or bra straps, the super-sticky tape can be used to repair a bridesmaid's hemline, close a gap between the buttons on a groomsman's shirt, and temporarily fix a broken necklace (wrap a small piece of fashion tape around the clasp to secure it if you're in a hurry!).

Emergency Wedding Kits | Sewing | Buttons

3. Sewing Kit

Pick out a full kit that includes needles, tiny scissors, extra buttons, and primary-colored thread. The scissors will come in handy if you need to snip loose threads or clip off garment tags. We also recommend going out of your way to find a spool of thread that matches your bridal gown, just in case you need to reattach any stray beads, buttons, or appliques.

Emergency Wedding Kits | Chapstick | Lipstick

4. Makeup For Touch-Ups

Throughout your wedding, your makeup may start to rub off or shift. Remember, there will be a lot of hugs, some tears, and fluke accidents like an A/C outage tend to rear their heads from time to time, leaving you with a river dripping down your forehead. Having a few critical tools in your wedding emergency kit will help you maintain your look. Have blotting pads, concealer, mascara, and setting spray on hand. In addition, makeup professionals frequently provide a little bottle of the bride's lip color for reapplication.

5. Safety Pins

Safety pins can be a lifesaver on wedding days. From a broken bra strap to a torn hemline and broken bustle, safety pins can help with just about any fashion emergency. Make sure you have a variety of sizes on hand to handle any situation.

6. Portable Steamer

While you may have a large steamer for your wedding gown, it's not bad to have a smaller steamer for your bridal party to use while getting ready. Make sure to purchase a compact, travel-sized steamer to tackle any wrinkles and creases. They’re easy to use, and the wrinkles will be gone in a second.

7. Medicine

This is a must in your wedding emergency kit. You never know what will happen, and you can’t foresee everything, but it is good to have any essential medicines on hand just in case. Some ideas are Tylenol, Benadryl or other allergy medicine, and Pepto Bismol.

8. Feminine Products

Yes, it’s always a good idea to have a tampon and pads on hand just in case it’s needed by someone.

9. Tissues

Tears are coming. Be prepared on your wedding day by bringing a small packet of tissues and keeping them nearby.

10. Mouthwash or Mints

Be first kiss-ready by having a small bottle of travel size mouthwash nearby and some Mr. & Mrs. breath mints to pop throughout the day.

Emergency Wedding Kits | Mints | Breath | Earrings

11. Earring Backs

You probably never even thought about this one, huh? But, yes! Make sure to pack some transparent earring backs in your emergency wedding kit. Someone is sure to lose an earring back and you want to be there to save the day!


Planning a wedding is a fun and overwhelming experience. You put a lot of effort into every little detail to ensure the wedding day is perfect. However, make sure to also put some effort into creating a kit filled with toiletries and other products for “just in case” happenings. You’ll be glad you did!

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