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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your big day is almost here. That means it's time to think about all those life-long photogenic moments you want to capture on the day of your wedding. Which means... you need a great photographer!

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event but the memories aren't. And the surest way to keep those memories alive is through amazing photographs. Professional, high-quality wedding photos will be a friend throughout your life, and will escort you back through time to remember all of those emotions you felt as you first kissed, took your vows, and danced for the first time with the love of your life.

As such, choosing a photographer for your ceremony shouldn't be an afterthought and it's important to ask the right questions. Here's a few that we like to start with.

Questions to ask an Airbnb Wedding Photographer & What to Watch Out For

As you hoping to employ the best photographer for your big day, a good starting point is asking a few important questions to get a clearer picture of who you will be partnering with.

Ask them about their previous experience and portfolio.

Always look out for photographers with experience in wedding photography industry. Different subjects require different niche expertise and it's not enough that the photographer has good experience with landscape or yearbook photos. A great wedding photographer knows the timing of the day and is ready for the little moments that are crucial to creating great memories.

Ask to see their portfolio of recent wedding pictures. Know that if they've only shot and provide photos for one or two weddings, you're at greater risk as they don't have ample experience under their bet. A photographer with lots of experience should be able to provide you with sample work that will have a similar specific style as your planned wedding. This means a comparable venue, subjects with similar skin tones, and shots of wedding traditions that you might intend to carry out on your big day.

See how far your budget will go with them.

The idea is not to pay for a world famous photographer or go broke trying. Instead, it's to ensure you get the best your money can offer. So, always begin your selection process by determining how much you're willing to spend and then shopping accordingly.

This means that you should be careful enough to find he balance between your available budget and quality photography. When checking sample works from photographers, ask how your budget relates to the packages purchased by the couples in the sample shots, and if you would be receiving a similar finished portfolio. Ask about up-charges or add-ons, as well.

Pro tip: you can ask the studio if they accept credit cards or offer discounts for cash or early payment.

If you're going for a unique style, ask about their experience in that genre.

The truth is, no matter how good your pictures are, they won’t seem perfect if they don't match your taste, preferences, and style. A good rule of thumb is always to create a mood board and communicate your style to your prospective photographers on time. Then, try to narrow down the sample work provided to find your best match.

However, remember flexibility can allow for some great creativity as well, so don't go too far with this expectation. It's OK to trust a photographer that you can tell is highly skilled in creativity, even if they haven't done your exact style before. Remember that your wedding photos will stand out because of the photographer's originality just as much as your own.

Ask them about performance guarantees.

Everyone loves concrete reassurances, and the best photographers have lots of them to offer. So, in making your selection, look out for the ones that can guarantee you great results. And we don't mean word-of-mouth promises; get them to put it in writing. The contract should include a clause that ensures they recreate your picture to your satisfaction or refund your money if they don't deliver as promised.

Getting a guarantee is like tasting a little scoop of ice cream before purchasing the entire bucket. That means you can request preview graphics on CD to test the quality of their work before going any further. Doing this will ensure that you don't commit to a photographer that doesn't meet your expectations.

Make sure they are available to work with you leading up to the big day.

Wedding photographer can be busy year-round, but especially during the height of wedding season. Particularly, the best ones.  So, make sure you'll have an easy time communicating with them along the way, scheduling shoots and of course, their availability on your wedding day.

An early conversation about scheduling and ongoing communication will give you a better feeling of how responsive they are going to be along the way and how easily you'll be able to plan your shoots, receive your photos and send/receive edits.

It's a Wrap!

Yes, choosing the best photographer for your big day may seem like a chore. But keep in mind how important of a personal investment it is, as you'll be continuing to smile at the photos for decades to come and you only need to get it right, once. Following the steps above, you can be sure of the most adorable wedding photos!

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