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Ultimate Guide | How to Plan a Dream Airbnb Wedding in 2023

Updated: Feb 2

It's been a rising trend for adventurous couples over the past couple of years. Airbnb backyard weddings. It's one of the most unique, fun and cost-effective ways to tie the knot and couples are going crazy over it! For those who are learning about this for the very first time, an Airbnb wedding venue can have many benefits and appeal to a couple looking to have a little less "tradition" on their big day.

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Let's talk about how you can host your dream wedding in an Airbnb wedding venue in 2023 and what you must keep in mind!

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An Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding at an Airbnb Wedding Venue in 2023

Less is Always More. Shrink Down the Guest List.

The first thing you need to figure out when you start thinking about an AirBNB backyard wedding is how many guests you want to invite.

Keep in mind, there may be some parking and capacity restraints when hosting at a house/cabin, so a small guest list is ideal. We like this idea anyways, because creative restraints help conjure up something great and be more budget-friendly. Keep the list tight and consider only inviting those closest to you. Acquaintances and 3rd cousins can skip this one out, as 2022 is proving to be the year of smaller, more intimate weddings.

Most of the time, the hosts already have a posted limit on the guests you can have on the property. But oftentimes, you can invite more, with the hosts approval. Some larger locations may even offer you the ability to invite up to 100-125 guests for a ceremony in the yard or additional facilities, but we suggest trying to keep it to 75 or less.

Wedding Planning Tips | Texas Wedding Venue | Wedding Activity Ideas | AirBNB Wedding Texas | Small Backyard Wedding | Airbnb Wedding Venue | Dallas | Texas

Pick Out a Unique, Dreamy Airbnb Wedding Venue

Once you have a rough guest count, you can decide on the right Airbnb wedding venue to host your wedding and reception. Only go for the property that you think will fit your needs the best. First, pick out your favorite "eras" or "styles". White, modern house? Roaring 20s Mini-mansion?

Then, we will get into the more practical needs.

For instance, if you want a simple backyard wedding; you can look at Airbnb wedding venue options that have a privacy-fenced back yard where you can have the ceremony, a party building, outdoor lighting, etc.

You can also keep an eye open for different amenities that can come with the right Airbnb wedding venue. For instance, you can go to a property that offers you a pool, and then you can have the reception by the pool and make your wedding stand out. This is especially useful in the warmer months. Maybe the location has lots of extra parking space. Do not just think about the guests but look for a location that will be good for both of you as well.

Talk the Plans Over with your Host before Booking

Before you finalize your decision, it is best to talk to your host first. Establish good communication lines with the host (we suggest in writing) and ask them any questions you have in mind about holding an Airbnb backyard wedding at their rental.

They're going to want to know a few things. How many guests are you inviting? How many nights are you staying? What vendors will you be bringing? What type of event/wedding are you hosting?

Answer these for the host and then check to see what extra equipment or facilities they may have specifically for events and weddings, on site. How many guests can they sleep on the property? Many Airbnb hosts do not offer event reservations as an option. Others offer it as a part of their business and have special equipment and accommodations prepared for such occasions.

Find the right host who is ready to accommodate engaged couples looking to host their dream wedding at their place!

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Plan Out Tasteful but Simple Decor

Once you are through with the initial communication, get whatever digital resources you can of the property. The host may have some photos, video tours, measurements, maps to help you visualize your wedding.

Remember, Airbnbs are booked with guests throughout the week and cannot always offer on-site tours. If you can, go down to the venue in person and take a look around. Otherwise, communicate to get as many resources as possible to get a better feel of the location. It's OK to not see it in person, but read previous wedding reviews and ask questions until you are comfortable.

Some Airbnbs, especially historic ones, already have great time-specific furniture and accent pieces to work with. Begin to think about the decor for the backyard if the ceremony is outside.

Is there an arch or gazebo for the ceremony. Ivy walls or fountains? Is it spacious enough? Will my guests like it? Will my decor complement the property and more?

Then, think about the reception and snack areas. Are there designated locations for catering and drinks? Is there a reception building on site? These questions will be the way for you to make a decision.

Wedding Planning Tips | Texas Wedding Venue | Wedding Activity Ideas | AirBNB Wedding Texas | Small Backyard Wedding | Airbnb Wedding Venue | Dallas | Texas

Plan Out the Rest

There are always the essentials you'll need for your Airbnb wedding day. However, in 2023, couples are changing up the game and saving money by creating a more intimate experience with their ceremonies and cutting back on the fluff.

~Things to Consider Planning~

Find out if you have some relatives or friends who can pitch in. Whether it's handling the tunes, cooking up some BBQ or decorating the reception area, this can take a load off, which is one of the main points of having an Airbnb backyard wedding!


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Wedding Planning Tips | Texas Wedding Venue | Wedding Activity Ideas | AirBNB Wedding Texas | Small Backyard Wedding | Airbnb Wedding Venue

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