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6 Must-Have Etsy Wedding Decorations for your Backyard Wedding

Your first day of wedding planning is filled with big questions, big decisions and lots of organizing. And we get it; The big details comes first. Venue, dress, guest list, vendors.

Airbnb Wedding Ideas | Etsy Wedding Additions | Custom Etsy Wedding Ideas

But, there are lots of smaller details that go into your final wedding day look, and this is where you get to be creative to make your wedding uniquely yours.

That's why the right Etsy wedding decorations can be a great way to be stylish, supportive of small business and budget-conscious all at the same time. Take a load off, and let us share some top tips for Etsy wedding additions, when planning your ceremony at an Airbnb wedding venue.

Best Etsy wedding decorations You need for your backyard / Airbnb wedding

Airbnb Wedding Ideas | Etsy Wedding Additions | Custom Etsy Wedding Ideas | Custom Save the Dates

1. Etsy Save The Dates

Some Etsy shops can create any type of save the date that you want. This can include adding photos, floral prints, modern design, or themes to your save the dates. Since this is the first impression that your guests will get of your Airbnb wedding, opt to impress them with a custom style that you LOVE. Find something that fits your style, color scheme, and budget. And the guests will adore it!

Airbnb Wedding Ideas | Etsy Wedding Additions | Custom Etsy Wedding Ideas | Custom Invitations

2. Etsy Wedding Invitations

Be the couple that realizes how important the invitations to your Airbnb wedding are. It’s truly one of the most important decisions you'll make when planning. First, it’s a piece of memorabilia that you will keep forever. Plus, it’s another opportunity to make a great impression about the style of the wedding and hint at the Airbnb wedding venue you've chosen. This will excite your guests ahead of time. Etsy has wedding invitations in every design from rustic, to modern, to floral, to classic templates. You are sure to find something that makes your Airbnb wedding uniquely yours.

Learn More: First, if you are wondering how to get married at an Airbnb wedding venue, you are not alone. But we’re here to make it easier on you.

Airbnb Wedding Ideas | Etsy Wedding Additions | Custom Etsy Wedding Ideas | Custom Wedding Signage

3. Etsy Venue Signage

When you're planning your ceremony at an Airbnb wedding venue, you will want plenty of signage posted up around the property, informing your guests of information that they need to know. For instance, you might want a welcome sign by the front door or parking instruction by the lot. You might need a sign for guests to know where to migrate to and sit or where to go to the bathroom. We even like to customize seating charts and drink selection signs at the bar. You can stick with a single theme throughout or be more bohemian with your choices. There are all sorts of customizable sign options on Etsy from wooden signs, acrylic signs, and everything in-between.


The guestbook will become one of your most cherished pieces of memorabilia after your wedding day and you’ll reflect on it many times through life. This one is more for you than perhaps the other decorations. So, really focus on something that speaks to you personally and ties in well with your Airbnb wedding venue, and you'll cherish it for years. It really is special to be able to go back and see the signatures and special notes from all of the most important people in your life. Etsy is a great place to order a wedding guestbook that fits your style.

Airbnb Wedding Ideas | Etsy Wedding Additions | Custom Etsy Wedding Ideas | Custom Wedding Geotag

4. Etsy Geotag

A custom Instagram or Snapchat filter to post pictures on behalf of the happy couple, is always a plus in our book. And it's fun to play with. You can do the same thing at your Airbnb wedding venue! Etsy has thousands of options that you can customize from your new last name, to the date, to fun prints and florals that fit your style. Let this be a great way for you to remember your special day with your family and friends.

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5. Etsy Bridal Party Gifts

Whether you need some extra help asking the favorite people in your life to be a part of your wedding day or if you want to thank them for standing by your side, Etsy is the perfect place to look for personal proposal boxes or a sentimental thank you gift. We’ve found a few we think you’ll love.

6. Etsy Family Gifts

Sometimes, it’s nice to offer a little something sweet to your parents or grandparents on your special day. For instance, a personalized handkerchief for your Dad, to a pocket watch for your Grandpa, a custom jewel for mom. You can find a special piece that suits the most important people in your life.

Best Etsy Items to Decorate Your Airbnb Wedding Venue With Takeaways

Planning out your ceremony at an Airbnb wedding venue or outdoor wedding venue on a budget is a breeze when you know the small tricks to add flavor into your choices. We prefer to include some Etsy additions so you can go through a chunk of your wedding checklist in a single place. You’ll have thousands of options to cater to your style and to fix your gorgeous Airbnb wedding venue perfectly. Now get after it!

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