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How to Spend the Day After your Wedding

You’ve spent the better part of year planning your wedding day, but what about the day after? Have you even considered it yet?

Gone are the days where you’re whisked off on a plane to a tropical destination as soon as your wedding reception ends. In fact, many couples are choosing to downsize their honeymoon or push it back.

Instead, couples are opting to spend the day after their wedding at Airbnb wedding venues for the comfort, luxury, accommodation, and affordability they provide. So, whether you’re spending your honeymoon with Olde House or taking the day after to relax, we’ve got the perfect itinerary set up for your morning-after.

Sleep In Extra Late

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Yesterday was a big day! Most couples are up celebrating until the wee hours of the morning, dancing and partying with their closest friends and family.

Our number one suggestion on the day after your Airbnb wedding is to allow yourself to sleep in! No one wants to have their room packed up to be checked out by 11 am, so book an extra day and take your time waking up. (Don't forget to turn off notifications on your phone).

Host a Goodbye Brunch

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The great part about renting AirBNB wedding venues such as Olde House is your use of the event space for your entire stay. That means you’re welcome to host a goodbye brunch the morning after your wedding! After you’ve had plenty of time to sleep in, have your family and friends back over for some pastries and coffee.

If there was anyone you feel that you didn’t get to have enough face-to-face time with last night, that’s no problem! You can catch up with them now, and extend your wedding celebration just a little bit longer.

Take a Walk by the Water or Play a Round of Golf

After saying your final goodbyes to your guests, it's time for some quality time with your brand new spouse! Make your first day as Husband and Wife extra special with either a walk along the water or a quick game of golf.

Texas has many great lakes and Wylie especially sits right between Lavon Lake and Lake Ray Hubbard, so you have plenty of lakeside parks to choose from or rent a jet ski for the day.

It’s also home to the Woodbridge Golf Club, which has great rates and even golf lessons! Take the afternoon to soak up some sunshine and take plenty of photos of those brand new wedding rings!

Get a Mobile Couples Massage at Your Airbnb

If you two are the type to be dancing all night at your Airbnb wedding, you’re probably feeling it a little bit the next day. You may not even want to move. No problem!

Booking a mobile couples massage is the perfect way to treat those sore bodies while also spending a romantic afternoon with your partner. There’s a great selection of spas around Wylie, or you can hire a mobile masseuse to bring the massages to you!

Look Through Last Nights Photos and the Guest Book

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You've probably received dozens of messages from your guests with photos of the wedding day at this point in the day. If you’re lucky, maybe your photographer was even able to deliver a handful of sneak peeks!

Either way, set aside part of your evening with your spouse to look through all of the photos and soak up your wedding day. If you had a guest book, sit down and read through all of the messages your loved ones left you.

There are so many parts of the wedding day that you aren’t able to take in while they’re happening. This is the perfect time to reminisce on every last part of your day.

Take a Relaxing Bubble Bath

Post-Wedding Ideas | Newly-Weds | Bathtub

If a massage wasn’t enough to help you wind down from the excitement of the night before, our stunning clawfoot tub should do the trick.

Grab your favorite bubbles or bath bomb and light some candles for a peaceful evening in our historic home. Put on some of your favorite music and pour yourself a glass of champagne.

While last night you may have been too amped up to sleep, tonight is for catching up on that rest.

How to Spend the Day after your Wedding Takeaway

Just because your wedding day is over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to celebrate your new marriage. Booking a multi-night stay at an AirBNB wedding venue like Olde House is the perfect way to spend a low-key, romantic day after marrying the love of your life.

Interested in hosting your wedding at Olde House? We’d love to be a part of your big day. Book now

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