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Questions you Need to Ask After You Say "Yes"

Did he finally pop the question? Did you say yes? YES! Congratulations! Now that you know you are betrothed, it's time to start asking the right questions because wedding day is coming.

Wedding planning is certainly not an easy task and you need the efforts of both the groom and the bride to come up with a wedding people will remember for years. Start is by writing down the important questions.

What Questions Do You Need to Ask Once You're Engaged?

1: Who Do I Aim To Please With the Ceremony?

A wedding can be stressful for the bride and the groom. There are many people that they might be looking to please, including family, friends or cultural traditions. It can be difficult to understand whether a couple should set out to please these important people in their lives or do something that works best for them.

Focus on what's going to set the stage best for you, as a couple. This can be eloping and getting started in a way focused on the 2 most important people in the equation. Or, it can be working to make a ceremony that would make your loved ones proud.

Think about the priorities of the big day, from both the Bride and Groom's perspective and start from there.

2: What are My Big Dreams for the Ceremony?

The next thing you need to keep in mind is what you are expecting from your wedding. Many of us have spent a large part of our lives fantasizing about walking down the aisle, come wedding day.

Think through some of these dreams you've had. The ambience, the colors, the food, the photography style. Communicate these with your partner and ask them for theirs so that the both of you can work together and get the wedding of both of your dreams.

3: How Involved Do I Want to be in the Planning?

You might both be busy in the height of your careers and it can be hard to plan a wedding on top of what's demanded of you, at work. This is why there are many couples who take the route of hiring a wedding planner, who can take care of all the little details.

There are many reasons why you should go for this option. For one, wedding planners can have the best connections and ideas to make your dream wedding happen, within your budget.

Discuss with your partner how much involvement they expect to have towards making decisions along the way. Give them the option of hiring a wedding planner and asking what they think about it.

4: What Do I Do When We Have Different Opinions?

When the both of you are talking through the details of the wedding, including invites, location, size and other daunting tasks, it's inevitable that you'll have a difference of opinion on a few things.

Try to have a plan in place prior to beginning wedding planning discussions, so that you will both sleep easily, when a disagreement occurs. Maybe the deal is to stop talking about the wedding planning for a little while and cool down until tomorrow. Maybe it's to flip a coin if you're in a stalemate. Whatever the plan is, communicate a plan with your partner beforehand, to keep things smooth sailing.

5: Realistically, What Is My Budget?

Perhaps the most important question of them all is, "what is my budget"?

You have big dreams and it may seem like an uneasy question that will result in sacrifice and arguments. But it's always best to get it of the way as early as you can, after saying "Yes". This will help you base the rest of the wedding on clear outlines of the budget, that you've both of you agreed on.

It's OK to splurge on your big day! Just consider what the plans are to stretch or bring down the expenses before getting started, so no extra stress is added on right before you say "I do".

6: Who Do I Want To Invite?

This is an interesting one in 2022. Invitations! Who's coming?

With AirBNB Weddings on the rise, smaller, more intimate weddings are becoming a top choice for newly engaged couples. For one, costs go down exponentially when you shrink the guest list. You'll save on the venue, catering, decor and welcome gifts. For two, there's less stress from seeing old acquaintances in the height of all the activity when you scratch off a few names.

Sit down with your partner and make a "must" list of all the guests that definitely need to be there and then consider sticking to these, if you're into the smaller wedding idea. Or, if you want it to be as big as possible, brainstorm every connection you have from work, school, church, friends of friends and build your list up. Just know the more people you invite, the higher the price is going to go up.

Am I Ready for it?

Asking the hard questions can really make things better in the long run and set your marriage up for a good start. But remember, it's your big day and should be an amazing process that will create lifelong memories for both of you!

Are you ready for this? Let the wedding festivities begin!


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