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Planning the Perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette Party at an Airbnb

Now that you are engaged, there are some big events to start planning and hopefully you're starting to make a list.

Airbnb Bachelor Party | Airbnb Bachelorette Party in Texas

High up on this list is the bachelor / bachelorette party. Of course, these days, that means renting the best bachelor / bachelorette party Airbnb. We've been around the "Airbnb party" block, so let us share a few, simple tips to help you plan an exciting, memorable party that everyone will be talking about.

Ultimately, your party is yours to create, but with so many decisions to make over the next several months, we know you can be overwhelmed with choices. So, check out these Airbnb bachelor / bachelorette party tips to get you started.

Best Planning Tips for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party at an Airbnb

Airbnb Bachelor Party | Airbnb Bachelorette Party in Texas

Find A Large, but Tasteful Airbnb Venue

A great venue is the key ingredient to a lasting, memorable Airbnb bachelor or bachelorette party in Texas.

First, be sure your venue allows events. Whether you'll have a dozen friends staying over or 30-40 daytime guests, make sure the venue has a plan and the equipment available to host your event. A quick message to the Host ahead of time will help answer this quickly.

Next, find a venue that feels cozy, is comfortable and can easily sleep all of your guests with a little privacy (if you need it in your group). If you can find an Airbnb venue that has an outdoor space, this will be perfect so you can plan some activities outdoors if the weather is nice.

Consider a venue with some flavor, like a historic Airbnb house, which will be rich will wallpapers, decor, elegant floors and lighting fixtures, for those perfect, photo-op moments.

Airbnb Bachelor Party | Airbnb Bachelorette Party in Texas

Do a Cocktail/Mocktail-Making Class

A cocktail-making class is perfect for an Airbnb bachelor party or an Airbnb bachelorette party. You can choose a fun, theme-based cocktail off of Pinterest and everyone can attempt to recreate it in a unique way. This whiskey lemonade looks incredible! This is a fun way for each person to put their own spin on the drink and enjoy their time together.

There are also plenty of online cocktail and mixology classes that you can do right from the comfort of your Airbnb.

Airbnb Bachelor Party | Airbnb Bachelorette Party in Texas

Plan a Game Night

We all know the classics. Bring a few, or try a newer, brainier game to get people rolling out of their chairs. A fun game night is essential for a bachelorette party and are sure to bring laughter for everyone involved. You can find plenty of game options and ideas online. Pick a few and be prepared for a night full of memories.

A great addition to game night is to have a wine tasting along with it. Each person can bring a bottle of wine and everyone can enjoy tasting each other’s favorite wines. You might even find a venue next to a winery, if you get lucky!

Use Etsy for your Decorations

Decorations can defintely set the mood when planning an Airbnb bachelorette party. It allows you to put your own twist on the Airbnb venue and make the stay even more special.

Etsy is the perfect place to find decorations for any style and with any budget. You can find everything from bachelorette itineraries, balloon signs, to all-in-one decoration packs.

Adding some of your own flavor to the party is a great way to personalize the trip to the groom or bride’s style and to create a fun theme that you can keep going through the whole weekend.

Airbnb Bachelor Party | Airbnb Bachelorette Party in Texas

Plan an Outdoor Picnic

For a bride-to-be, having an Instagram-worthy bachelorette party is something she probably is dreaming of. There are so many Pinterest picnic inspiration photos to create a beautiful and dreamy outdoor picnic for brunch or even dinner one evening.

You can always rent a low table, set up floor cushions, pick a beautiful tablecloth, and decorate the table with florals and candles. Sometimes, a venue will even have an outdoor vignette or picnic tables in the back yard. A picnic is an easy way to create a fun memory for the bride-to-be.

Just make sure if this is part of your plans for an Airbnb bachelorette party in Texas, then you can look ahead at the weather schedule and determine the best day and time of day to host the picnic.

Airbnb Bachelor Party in Texas

Set up a Poker Table

Any variation of a poker night is the perfect addition to an Airbnb bachelor party. Mixing up some Hold'em, Stud, Omaha or any variation of the classics is a laid-back way to spend the evening and have some fun. You can serve a great meal or order in something special to keep bellys full. Plus, have a low-cost buy-in with add-ons and rebuys for your poker game to keep it going all night. This is a good way to keep everyone having fun and chatting for hours, without a lot of maintenance.

Airbnb Bachelor Party | Airbnb Bachelorette Party in Texas

Take a Day Trip

Depending on where the venue you are staying is located, you can plan a day trip somewhere local. In some areas, golf courses and spas are abundant and would make a great daytime festivity for the group. In other areas, you might find an escape room, axe-throwing or arcade bar.

Before you head out on your trip, take the time to think about what the group might enjoy together even if it is for a few hours, and do some research in the area to find out what options you have. There may even be some concerts or festivals nearby that could make the trip extra special.

How to Plan an Airbnb Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Takeaways

Planning an Airbnb bachelor or Airbnb bachelorette party can be easy and fun! Using an Airbnb is great for those that want to get away and have a laid-back celebration with friends and loved ones.

Ready to plan an Airbnb bachelor or bachelorette party at Olde House? We’d love to be a part of your big day. Book now

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