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Killer Party! How to Host a Murder Mystery Party in 2024

For those of us who love a good haunt, it’s just one of life's realities that Halloween comes but once a year. But if we’re being honest, isn’t it always a good time for some spooky festivities, given the right friends and a little free time.

Murder Mystery Party Themes and Ideas 2024

And what better place for such as thrill than a historic Texas Airbnb venue?

Ok, found the venue. Then what? Start by planning your own version of the event that’s taking the world by storm these days: an Airbnb murder mystery party. For starters, you can either order one of these kits, or plan the party yourself with our tips we’ve provided below. If you choose the later, these are our best tips to keep your guests wanting more!

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party at an Airbnb

1. Set the Mood

Before we get into the game, set the mood! The right, historic venue will help carry you a long way. Dressing to the era makes it fun for everyone, as well (not to mention the photos afterwards)!

The idea is to center the party around a murder mystery to be solved by guests, but starting things off with some of these ominous cocktails might be the way to turn the moody notch up to eleven. Plan to end the night by telling some true crime stories or murder mystery tales around the fireplace. Don’t forget to whip up some “sleuth snacks” and head to the old piano for some mysterious theme music.

2. Establish the Game

Come up with your murder mystery plot ahead of time. Not sure where to start? Luckily, the Lone Star State has no shortage of dark tales and murder mysteries to structure the party around. You can use these unsolved Texas murders for inspiration. You can also check out the Wylie Cemetery, pick a stone, and script your own embellished story. Or, if you’re feeling cheesy, you can always turn to Tobe Hooper’s classic 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and put your own spin on it.

Or, perhaps your guests are the kind who like to sit back and watch a thriller tale unfold rather than play a part in it. Or perhaps you want a realistic mood at your murder mystery party. Whatever the case, nothing will beat hiring actors to play out a real-like murder mystery as the evening progresses. Our friends at Broadway Murder Mysteries host private events led by professional actors who act as your lead detective, and can even play additional suspects in the mystery. The actor will turn your guests into suspicious suspects and sleuthing detectives for the event.

3. Choose the Characters

Come up with characters and assign them to each guest (or let them choose). Simple code names like Mrs. Peach, Mr. Scott, etc. keep it mysterious. They should each have occupations - professor, cook, doctor, etc. Just don’t name any of them as a detective, because at this party, they’re all amateur detectives! Make sure to assign a motive to each character. And remember: everyone is a suspect.

4. Create the Clues

Write out clues for your guests - But don’t hand them out all at once! Provide a set of clues at cocktail hour, a set of clues at dinner, and a set of clues at dessert. This way, the party will evolve as your guests progress through the stages of solving the mystery. The chatter between can get the stories going in all sorts of directions.

Luckily, with the right game kit, such as one from Merri Mysteries, you'll have all of these prepared ahead of time, leaving you to sit back and relax, knowing you chose the perfect game for your friends. A game like "Poetic Justice: Great Gatsby Themed Murder" or "Murder of the Great Chef" come with everything you need to host an intimate, fun-filled murder mystery party.

5. Break Up The Experience

Break it up into rounds, according to each set of clues. After your guests receive the cocktail hour clues, they get 20 minutes to sleuth it out in separate rooms. They can do so individually or as partners - but of course, their partner could be the murderer! After deliberation, everyone will vote on the suspect. Repeat the process with the dinner clues. Then, after the final round - dessert clues - each person or set of partners will take turns telling their narrative as to who did it, how and where. (Did Dr. Rose kill them in the parlor with the fire poker?) Whoever tells the narrative closest to what actually happened (according to your pre-written plot) wins!

6. Go Big on Ambience

Make sure you're using the venue's setting to your full advantage in the game. Did the murder happen in the parlor? The dining room? The master bedroom? Do they have old candelabra posted on the mantle? A crystal vase on the dining armoire? With the right amount of imagination, who knows what spooky events could have transpired in this creepy venue?

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party Takeaway

What better way to create a night of memories to “die” for? You and your besties dressing to the tens, cueing up the monocles, putting on your favorite classic vinyls and solving the night’s ultimate mystery. It's a win for everyone and a great way to celebrate someone's special date.

One final suggestion before we go. Be sure to invite a friend with the full blown content creators package on their phone for a night full of haunting pics, as well!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, bring some creepy music and host your Murder Mystery Party at a historic Texas venue, today. How about the Olde House in Wylie, TX? Book now

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