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Best Tips for a Family Reunion at an Airbnb

Family reunions have become a back burner item over the past couple of years. However, many scattered-out families are finally planning long-awaited get-togethers with loved ones this year.

After all, family time is the best way to stay happy, healthy and overcome anything life throws at us. One of the most popular ways to have a family reunion this year is by renting out a large, centrally-located Airbnb around some local hotspots for a few fun-filled days.

There are a lot of great benefits to this, so check out our tips to host your awesome family reunion at an Airbnb.

Best Tips for a Great Family Reunion at an Airbnb

Hire a Professional Photographer

There's always an opportunity to take quick shots on your phone or post quick group selfies on social media. Consider, though, this is a time you’ll want to remember for many years and potentially keep in the scrapbooks for generations. Getting plenty of high-quality photos is essential.

Why not reduce stress and get some great shots by hiring a professional for a key moment of the reunion? You’ll get expertly posed and framed shots, higher quality images, and lots of great prints for albums and frames. And if you go with the right, historic venue, that’ll make for some awesome backdrops and themed photos!

This doesn't mean you can't still post plenty of short clips on TikTok with the dancer in the family. But years from now, you’ll want to look back on some amazing, meaningful shots and remember all of the great times as a whole family. Trust us!

Find the Right Venue

When hosting a family reunion at an Airbnb, remember, this is precious time with dearly-missed family. Start by choosing the right spot to set the stage for an unforgettable weekend with both adults and children in mind.

First things first: the venue must be large enough to sleep and feed everyone comfortably under one roof for the duration of the reunion. Adequate space is super important here!

Perhaps just as importantly, finding a venue that offers something unique and has memorable qualities is a must. Specifically, something that can offer lots of photogenic moments on site, offers unique experiences, communal areas and is close to some local hot spots.

At Olde House, guests enjoy a historic Texas event venue on the Olde downtown strip, which offers ample space, antique charm and beautiful backdrops. These are tips to add to the adventure and provide memories you’ll talk about for years to come.

Share Around Old Family Recipes

What family reunion at an Airbnb is complete without delicious food, right? This is the perfect occasion to bust out grandma’s old cookbook. You can even take this opportunity to learn some new recipes together or have a cook-off. Make it a group activity! Besides, it’s never too late to add more family recipes to your arsenal and pass down the own family secrets to the young ones.

The key here is to go with big-batch, shareable dishes. This Texas Baked Potato Casserole from Pinterest is a great start. A few large trays of quick-made fudge will definitely be a big hit. And some spiked punch for the grown-ups would also be a nice touch! Calories don’t count during family time, right?

Intertwine the Generations with Fun, Group Activities

Everyone will want to do their own thing for some of the weekend, especially the kids. For this reason, it's important to look for a venue with some quiet,

This is a time for some good bonding, though. So, building in plans for some whole-family activities is super important – if you don’t, you’ll wish you did! If it’s a weekend event, you can reserve one night as “board game night” and the other night as “movie night.” Or, if you save some of the cooking for once you arrive at the venue, cooking together becomes a family activity as well. Some other ideas could be hide-and-seek (it’s surprisingly still fun for grown-ups!) or arts and crafts as a group.

Check out this easy Pinterest craft that’s perfect for all ages – create something together that you can take home to remember this experience! Scrapbooking is another great option for that. Togetherness is the name of the game here, so make this time count!

Go Around the Circle with Some Family Storytelling

This one explains itself. Gather around the fireplace and spend some quality time telling one another old stories or recent trials and adventures in your life. You can go around the circle and share family stories from the past, the present or you can make this into an improv game. Everyone can take turns spinning their tall tale from scratch.

If you're a group of creative types, tell some ghost stories. Especially if the venue offers the right setting! Bonus points for acting out the stories together. We've seen some big families put on small, hilarious, in-family plays. It’s a great way to strengthen the creative bones and escape everyday life, momentarily.

Spend Plenty of Time Outside

We're talking fresh air and sunshine, if you can get it. Outside time with the family sets the right mood for the weekend, as well as give the kids space to run. There’s nothing better than a family picnic outside on a warm summer afternoon or a late night barbecue! If it’s the Texas summer we all know and love, some citronella candles will go a long way. You can even go on a nature walk together or a short hike on the local park trail. Challenge the kiddos to find 3 specific plants.

Best Airbnb Family Reunion Ideas Takeaways

When hosting a family reunion at an Airbnb, you'll want to spend as much time as possible living in the moment and creating spontaneous, hilarious and life-changing memories with your long-lost crew. Our advice is to plan ahead of time to really allow yourself the ability to relax and soak it all in, when the day finally comes. But don't just take our word for it. Get out there and live it!

Ready to plan your next family reunion at an Airbnb like Olde House in Texas? We’d love to host your group! Book now

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