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How to Host an Unforgettable Pre-Wedding Party

The big day's almost here and you're preparing a series of send-offs to make the most of your final days as a bachelorette. The answer? A pre-wedding party (AKA a fun-filled day with your crew as a final send-off) before walking down the aisle with your new life partner!

Pre-Wedding | Pamper Routine | Spa | Bridesmaids

Stuck on ideas, though? No worries. We’ve rounded up some pretty incredible pre-wedding party ideas to kick off your “I Do’s.”

Tips for a Great Pre-Wedding Party in 2022

Host the Ultimate Pamper Routine

Step one. Spa time! That's right. Pamper yourself with the gals before walking the aisle. Consider skipping the fancy spa, though (unless you’re still hanging on to that group gift certificate in your purse). Rather, recreate the experience right where you are staying, at your gorgeous, historic wedding venue. Grab the exfoliants, face masks, music, mani/pedi kits, bridal bath bombs and whichever drinks you want to hydrate with.

The mantra should be, "It’s not the destination, it’s the journey" on your big day before. Go all out and stock up on the good dark chocolate, the expensive champagne, and maybe even the pricey sleeping mask and make the memory of a lifetime with your besties.

Learn More: Never try on unfamiliar skincare products before your wedding! Be sure to use products you usually include in your routine and those with no known allergens.

Relive Your Favorite Pastimes with Friends

Pre-Wedding | Pamper Routine | Bridesmaids

Whether it’s with the girlfriends or with your spouse / family, you can always carry on your old traditions at your pre-wedding party. If it’s Thursday game night, no reason to skip it this time around. Just make it a little special-er, as your last time doing it as a single gal.

If you are a lover of games, bring these wedding-appropriate board games or even video games, plan a party around them with a sleepover, and it will be a merry memory you’ll remember for a long time to come.

Set up a Wine-Tasting

The formal, refined touch for your gals pre-wedding party? Vibe.

I’m talking a curated wine selection with that grazing platter that cost just a little extra. See if there's a local winery within walking distance and have them built a selection for you. Shop wide and indulge in the cheese of your life. You can even print a fun review sheet and have everyone rate which wines / eateries they enjoyed best.

Plan a Special Kind of Rehearsal Dinner

Everyone knows rehearsal dinners are typically formal affairs, but what if you had your own version and did it like you would with just your best friends?

Try hosting a private dinner party under the stars in the backyard of a luxury AirBNB, with icicle lights and your favorite playlist. Cater some burgers and fries or go cultural with some Indian food and call in a small ice cream truck to make your favorite flavor and grab your DJ friend or hire a band to jam some classics for your guests. A magician or illusionist might even be fun for an hour of entertainment.

Simply spend the evening with the people that are a source of light in your life This is the day before your wedding, and it should be spent with those that know and love you best as you embark on this incredible journey.

Throw Horseshoes and Smoke BBQ

On that same train of thought, you can make the most of the outdoors at your location by hosting a killer BBQ, throwing some sandbags around, and playing some good ole' Texas country.

Bring some outdoor games. Badminton, cornhole, ring toss, giant checkers, horseshoes or giant Jenga. Bring a football and a frisbee, too. This is the perfect time to practice throwing the bouquet as most brides need a couple of tries to get the pitch right. You can even play around with versions of I spy, Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Bingo, Charades or classic drinking games with your own interpretation.

Let your fiance go throw a basketball around for a match or two with the gang to blow off some steam before the wedding.

Interactive, outdoor experiences at weddings are trendy and a great way to make yours unique and unforgettable.

Dance All Night, Baby!

Some cultures have several days of dancing leading up to the big day. Take a piece of that culture and make it your own with a late night dance party your group. Check out this epic list of dance party games.

Just don't forget to find time for your beauty sleep, somewhere in there!


Pre-wedding parties are all the rage in 2022. Call it a changing culture or a deeper understanding in our society today that memories are greater than fleeting, material expenditures. Wedding festivities can be extended for even days with fresh ideas brought in to make your wedding an even greater memory with the ones you cherish most.

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